Webinar Replay: Find Clients and Build Your Freelance Business with Matt Inglot of Freelance Transformation

Do you stay up at night wondering how you will find your next freelance client?  I hear variations of this question from freelancers all the time:

“I know I can do great work, but how the heck do I find clients that need my services, and are happy to pay what I’m worth?”

But finding clients as a solo freelancer doesn’t have to be a constant struggle.

My friend Matt Inglot is a great example of this. His tiny agency (him and a few part-time employees/contractors) receives far more leads than they can possibly take on.

He ends up turning down most clients, and only accepts the ones whose projects are an amazing fit for his service and who are willing to pay his premium rates.

What I love about Matt’s approach is that it has nothing to do with chasing the latest fad or trying to learn and execute 10 different tactics (that are all going to be outdated in a few years).

Instead Matt focuses on getting a few critical pieces of finding clients right, and then following simple steps repeatedly to make sure that clients are coming through the door. That’s a big part of the reason he’s been able to sell websites for over a decade.

Matt to shares his process with Local Solo community in this Webinar replay.  We had over 500 attendees! 


On this training you will learn:

  • How to identify what clients are ideal for you.
  • How the heck to get in front of these clients.
  • How to turn 5 hours a week into a consistent stream of leads year-round.
  • How to get off the treadmill of constantly searching for more work.

By the way Matt knows his stuff. In addition to 11 years of experience running his agency, Matt has also personally interviewed over 100 successful freelancers and agency owners on his Freelance Transformation podcast, including huge names like Alan Weiss, Michael Port, Brennan Dunn, and yours truly 😉

Hope you enjoy

Mark Fromson – CEO of LocalSolo



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