LocalSolo Acquired By Communo

LocalSolo acquired by Communo

We’re pleased to announce that LocalSolo has officially been acquired by Communo, a vetted community of freelancers and agencies in the marketing and digital services industry. 

Over the last 4 years, the LocalSolo team has been working hard to create value and opportunity for the freelancers and employers on Localsolo.   For many we succeeded, for others we did not.   In our quest to find solutions that would help us grow beyond a passive talent directory, we found Communo. It was mutual love at first sight, a company and community that is creating a stable economy of talent and work within the marketing and digital service industry. 

We’ll be joining forces with Communo’s world-class team and community to provide solutions for the biggest challenges freelancers and agencies face today, such as:

Freelancer Challenges:

  1. Learn how to win, manage and service clients to achieve a sustainable business model.
  2. Develop the business acumen required to flourish as an entrepreneur, not just a gig worker.
  3. Take part in real communities that allow for mentorship, camaraderie and lucrative partnerships.
  4. Access opportunities to work with experienced solopreneurs and marketing and digital agencies of all sizes

Agency Challenges:

  • The inability, or lack of desire, to hire qualified full-time talent
  • Difficulty in quickly sourcing proven agency-level talent for immediate client needs
  • High commissions charged by staffing agencies and recruiters
  • Barriers to developing beneficial relationships with complimentary agencies

In the coming weeks, we’ll be working with the Communo team to extend their much-needed solutions for modern agencies and freelancers to a select group of our freelance and employer users.  In the meantime, LocalSolo has ceased accepting freelance applications, but will continue to serve our current and future Employer account holders with full access to our network of curated freelancers.

For inquiries about Communo, please send an email to info@commun-o.com.

Mark Fromson and Stephen Hayes-McCoy
LocalSolo Co-founders

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