Why Freelancers Should Embrace Recruiters

Added financial security, less time marketing yourself, more predictable work and deadlines – freelancers that work with recruiters and agencies enjoy a plethora of benefits that those who only serve individual clients can only dream of. Why, then, aren’t more freelancers working with recruiters to build their freelance business?

Many freelancers say the prospect of working with staffing agencies and recruiters is intimidating. Some are worried about being paid lower-than-average rates. Others feel that embracing recruiters is too similar to working for a boss, the very reason they decided to freelance in the first place.

But the benefits of working with recruiters are impossible to overlook. Below you’ll find a list of reasons freelancers should embrace both external and in-house recruiters when building their client base. Check it out and see for yourself why working with recruiters could be the best decision you ever make for your freelance business.

Freelancers Should Embrace Recruiters – Here’s Why

Embracing recruiters can be tough for freelancers who haven’t entertained the thought until now. Most freelancers have received spammy messages from recruiters on LinkedIn asking them to apply for jobs that have nothing to do with their skill set.

While these types of recruiters may be the most infamous online, it’s important to remember that they are the exception and not the rule. Most recruiters follow a rigorous set of quality standards when seeking freelancers for projects. Following are some reasons freelancers should embrace more recruiters.

Better quality clients

Recruiters can often help freelancers find larger, higher-quality clients than they would be able to find on their own. When you’re working with better quality clients, you gain valuable experience and important names to list on your growing freelancer resume.  In-house recruiters at startups and agencies are also on the hunt for quality freelancers, and they offer a direct route to the company rather than acting as an intermediary.

Better quality clients can also mean more interesting work – many freelancers report that they’ve learned new skills and honed others while working with recruiter clients that demand a diverse range of high-quality work.

Freedom to accept and reject projects

Working with recruiters doesn’t mean you have to accept every project they send your way. One of the best parts about working with recruiters as a freelancer is that you always have the freedom to accept or reject any project proposal they bring to you.

Since recruiters are known for bringing freelancers a high volume of work, you’ll have plenty of projects you’ll want to say “Yes” to – it’s okay to say “No” when you aren’t up for a project!

Financial stability

Maybe financial stability didn’t seem possible when you became a freelancer – after all, clients come and go and sales fluctuate every month. Some freelancers believe stability is just something they trade for the independence freelancing provides.

But embracing recruiters is one of the best ways to ensure financial stability while maintaining your independence – even if you have to drop your rates a bit. It’s worth it – your invoices will be paid on time, every time. You’ll never have to chase someone down to get your payment. Pay days will be on regular, scheduled dates – no more wondering when your next payment will clear.

Less marketing, more sales

The more you market yourself as a freelancer, the more clients you’ll earn and the more sales you’ll make – unless you’re working with recruiters to build your client base. Working with recruiters means you’ll do less marketing and earn more sales. How is this possible? It’s the steady stream of available work recruiters can bring you.

Some freelancers report spending up to 25% of their time marketing their service to find work. Recruiters can connect you with agencies who need work done regularly, and by working closely with them, you can start earning more work while marketing yourself less.

7 ways freelancers can start embracing recruiters

You know that embracing recruiters is a smart game plan, but what’s the next step? Recruiters sometimes show up unexpectedly in your inbox, but you want to go after the highest quality recruiters to connect with the best clients and create your ideal work arrangements.

What actions can you take today to start working with recruiters and build your client list? LocalSolo founder Mark Fromson, shares 7 actionable tips for freelancers who want to start embracing recruiters.

  • Make sure your LinkedIn and LocalSolo profiles are filled out nicely – and most importantly, that they are up to date.
  • Use LinkedIn to search for recruiters in your city that specialize in your skill set.  Use the “Connect” button on their profile to invite them to connect with you.  Be more targeted and search for in-house recruiters at the companies you want to work for.
  • Always send recruiters a small personal note in the connect box, something like “Hey, I’m a top UX designer in NYC, don’t hesitate to reach out if you’re looking to fill a role!”
  • Your goal should be to connect with at least 100 recruiters in your area, but a better goal in bigger cities would be 500-1000 recruiters. It’s the shotgun effect – the more recruiters you connect with, the better chance you have of landing great work!
  • Post regular updates about yourself on LinkedIn. Post about something that shows your experience and knowledge of the space you are in.  This way, recruiters will get familiar with you over time and be more likely to reach out with opportunities.
  • Once a recruiter connects with you, a week or so later, send them a personal message politely introducing yourself and your experience.  Ask them to keep you in mind for future roles. Send them your LocalSolo and portfolio website URLs at the bottom of the message.
  • Help recruiters out when they post to LinkedIn about a role by tagging friends of yours you know might fit the role in the comments area.  Karma comes back to you!

Giving you better financial stability, enabling you to concentrate less on marketing yourself and more on creating, and connecting you to a much wider world of client opportunities – embracing the right recruiters will change your freelance business for the better.

Have you found freelance work opportunities through recruiters? Have any useful tips to share with other freelancers looking to start working with recruiters? Leave them in the comments and we’ll add them to our list!

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Debra—I whole heartedly agree with this. I am currently doing it. When I found myself at a loss for work, I reached out to every recruiter that had contacted me when I was full time. It has been very beneficial, I have 2 regular clients right now that supplement some of my income while I track down more clients on my own. Here was one hangup I came across though—Do you ever have to tell the recruiters that your working with other ones? The only time I had to was when they tried to fill me into a position that… Read more »
A few months ago, I had two recruiters contact me on LinkedIn in the same week wanting to talk to me about possible opportunities. They had jobs that were close to my skill set, but not a good fit for me personally; I told them so, but they were still interested in talking further about future possibilities. I agreed to a phone conversation with each of them, and we set up a date and time. Neither of them phoned at the appointed time, nor ever followed up again to apologize, explain, or reschedule. They were at different companies which both… Read more »
I have actually tried dozens of recruitment agencies in the past. I have never received a single job through those agencies. As a matter of fact, I never even received a single interview through them. Every single full-time and contract employment I have had was through my own efforts. I do not think agencies have any use and all they do is scam companies by connecting them with people that would have had no trouble applying to the company on their own. Recruitment agencies provide zero added value and are simply middle men that created a job where none was… Read more »