4 Reasons In-House Recruiters Should Work with More Freelancers

Where will recruiters source their candidates when most of the workforce is working remotely? Freelancers and independent consultants will be a new well of possibility for recruiters as more of the world starts working from home and reclaiming career independence.

Some estimates predict that around 35% of the North American workforce will be independent freelancers or consultants by the year 2020. Reports have shown that in 5 major cities in Canada (Toronto, Montreal, Vancouver, Calgary, and Ottawa), freelance demand has increased by a minimum of 17% year over year and is only continuing to grow. As more freelancers, contractors, and consultants enter the working world, more recruiters will be pursuing them for available projects and roles as a result.

With an increasing demand for qualified freelance talent, in-house recruiters will be looking to source the best professionals for their projects. Many times, an experienced freelance professional will be a perfect fit for the role. Here are 4 reasons in-house recruiters should start working with more freelancers.

4 Reasons In-House Recruiters Should Work with Freelancers

1. Freelancers come ready to work

Freelancers are often the complete package – they come ready to work with a well-rounded skill set and extensive industry knowledge. You don’t have to wait for freelancers to build connections in the industry and make contacts that may prove beneficial. They are known for building and maintaining extensive industry connections because they have to. A network of valuable connections makes it easier for freelancers and independent contractors to find work and be considered for upcoming projects.

Studies have shown that freelancers are usually around 40-50% more connected in their industry than peers who work full-time.

Recruiters can take advantage of those existing connections by working with freelancers that have extensive experience in their industry. Freelancers on LocalSolo are listed by their industry, years of experience, skills, awards, and location to make it simple for recruiters and employers to find freelancers that are ready to work.

2. Freelancers are more cost effective

Recruiting the best of the best is more cost effective when you work with freelancers. Hiring someone with 15 years of specialized experience in marketing full-time may be fiscally impossible, but hiring a freelancer with the same amount of experience is much more affordable.

Working with freelancers makes it possible to hire the best on a much smaller budget, and not have to carry the worker on salary and benefits once the project is complete, making working with freelancers the more cost-effective option for many companies.

3. Freelancers have extensive, specialized experience

The extensive, specialized experience successful freelancers possess is another reason more recruiters are relying on them. With tools like LocalSolo, recruiters can take an in-depth look at freelancers that meet their requirements and that already have a deep understanding of the type of work they’ll be doing. Being able to verify the number of years of experience a freelancer has is one reason recruiters use LocalSolo to search for freelance talent.

LocalSolo makes it easy to browse and search freelancers by their experience levels:

  • Junior (1 – 2 years experience)
  • Intermediate (3 – 5 years experience)
  • Senior (6+ years experience)

By using their preferred experience level as a search parameter, recruiters can ensure they come away with the most experienced and qualified people for the role.

4. Freelancers help broaden your talent search

Working with freelancers makes sense for recruiters because of the wider view of potential hires it provides. Freelancers can work from anywhere in the world, which can help recruiters broaden their talent search considerably.

“From the recruiting angle, hiring remote freelance workers allows you to widen your search parameters to out-of-town talent without paying for airfare, hotel accommodations or relocation expenses. Because freelancers can work remotely, you still jump the skills gap and get the best people while shelling out less money.” – Josh Tolan, CEO of SparkHire

It’s hard to find the right person for a job, but when limiting your search to people that live in a 50 mile radius, it’s that much more difficult. Working with freelancers gives recruiters access to an entirely new and expanded group of people that can do the job well but don’t live in the immediate area.

Recruiting the right people for the job is easier when you include qualified freelancers and contractors in your search. Browse LocalSolo’s network of curated freelance talent now to get started!

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