12 Necessary Tools for All Freelance Writers

Freelance writing can be a really rewarding career when you learn how to handle the drawbacks, such as unreliable clients, job instability, and lack of inspiration. Despite what other people think about working from home, a freelance writer knows this job is not easy at all. However, there is a way to surpass all obstacles when you put the right tools in action. The following 12 tools are absolutely necessary for all content writers.

1. Imagination Prompt Generator

This tool will generate random story starters that will spark your creative juices. Click the button and use the starter you get to create an awesome article or blog post. When you have no idea what to write about, the prompt generator will save you.

2. Ninja Essays

When a client expects you to submit the work by a given deadline, excuses like “I’m in the middle of a writer’s block” won’t work. Recognize the moment when you need assistance by experts! At custom writing service Ninja Essays, you can collaborate with writers and editors with expertise in different niches.

3. Penzu

Since you spend your working hours in writing, you might think that maintaining your personal diary would be too much. You’re wrong! It’s important to keep track of your thoughts and interests. Penzu is a private space where you can express any emotion or idea that’s been waiting to get out.

4. Etherpad

When you are working on a team project, you can use this tool to edit the document simultaneously with your collaborators. Thus, you’ll be spared from sending the content back and forth via email.

5. Plagtracker

A single plagiarized article can be detrimental for the career of a freelance writer. If you are aiming for success in this industry, you must rely on a powerful plagiarism checker. Plagtracker is one of the simplest and most effective tools of this type.

6. Web Notes

Sometimes you find an awesome online resource that could be very useful for an article you’re about to write. You bookmark the website and then completely forget about it. That won’t happen when you Web Notes, which enables you to add highlights and notes to the web pages you consider important.

7. Daily Writing Tips

Constant improvements are mandatory for a freelance writer. If you start spending time with Daily Writing Tips on a regular basis, you’ll notice how your inspiration and capacity are constantly getting better.

8. Fotolia

Thanks to Fotolia, you can always locate an appealing image for any type of content you are about to submit/publish. The subscription plans are very affordable, but this small investment will result with great improvements in your work.

9. Text Fixer

You don’t know which words of the title should be written in capital letters? This is the tool that will help you solve the problem. It gets better: Text Fixer also fixes the accidental Caps Lock disasters. You won’t have to retype the text; this tool will fix it in a matter of seconds.

10. Online Stopwatch

There is a reason why freelance writers want to be faster in their work: they make more money when they write more content in a shorter period of time. This stopwatch will measure your time, so you’ll get inspired to write faster and measure your progress.

11. WordPress

If you want to boost your freelancing career, you need a website or a blog that will help you promote your work. You can use this online space to feature your resume, portfolio, and random articles you feel inspired to write. Thanks to WordPress, you can build a stunning website in no time.

12. Cliché Finder

You want to eliminate boring, old-fashioned phrases from your text? Cliché Finder is the right tool for you! It will help you make your articles cleaner and more readable. Your clients will appreciate you much more if you lose the clichés you’ve been used to.

Are there any other writing tools you can add to this list? Feel free to join the fun!

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