10 Reasons Why No Freelance Lead is a Bad Lead

So you’re a hotshot freelancer. You work for the best companies and you command top dollar. You’re turning away work and your career is dialed in. Life is your oyster, congrats! So why would you want more work leads, especially unsolicited leads? Well, there are many reasons, here are some of them:

  1. Unexpected Gems: For that one gem of an unexpected lead that turns out to be an amazing opportunity. Those unsolicited leads can turn into some of the best clients you’ve ever had.
  2. Dry Spells: For that time when your contract ends and all your regular clients are set. We’ve all experienced this, it happens to the best of us. A solid lead source can make sure you’re not sitting around waiting for your regulars to call when a dry spell hits.
  3. For the Next Time: You may not be available or want that particular job, but if you respond nicely then they may inquire again sometime. That next time might be a way better project and you might be available.
  4. Working While Travelling: Say you work mainly onsite for agencies and companies in your city. That’s great but it’s not that mobile. What if you want to take a few months off and travel, working a bit while you’re gone? Those leads that were beneath you before suddenly turn into your indefinite travel budget. Check out this collaborative work space in Ubud, Bali called HUBUD (shown in the photo above). Wouldn’t you want to work there for a few months? I would!
  5. Refer Your Freelance Friends: You might not be available or want the project, but your friend might. Pass the lead along, someone someday will be really grateful.
  6. Good Karma: I almost always respond to a lead and try and help them out with a few tips or some advice, even when I know I’m not interested in the project. You never know when that good karma will come back around.
  7. Recruiters Don’t Always Suck: Most of us don’t like recruiters when they come calling. They usually want you to take some low paying full time job in some far away office park. But sometime, just sometimes, they have a great opportunity for you. Always respond nicely to recruiters, they’ll keep you in their back pocket and one day you may be glad they did.
  8. The Great Full Time Offer: You never know, someday that might just land in your inbox from the most unexpected source.
  9. That Job Out of Your Comfort Zone: Your regular clients know what you’re good at, so they keep you in your comfort zone. But those crazy leads, those are the ones that can take you in a new direction, challenging your abilities and providing you with a whole new skillset.
  10. You Can Always Ignore Them: Does receiving a lead or inquiry you’re not interested in piss you off? Don’t be like that. It takes 5 seconds to ignore an email or politely decline.

Keep these things in mind when you get a new lead or are considering signing up for a lead source like LocalSolo.com. You’ll be glad you did.

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